JustNig! We fight INJUSTICE for our young Girls

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>> We prevent Child Abuse in our Girls between the ages of 8-17 years old<<

>> We share Victims Experience Anonymously <<

>> We fight injustice for our Girls <<

>> We keep your information Confidential <<

Relevant Stories...

Note: Every name used in these stories are not real (kept anonymous)

Story from Funmi

Funmi, who was deaf and dropped out of senior secondary school after her father allegedly married a second wife, displayed a placard with the inscription, “they want me to commit suicide but my enemies will not see the end of me, to the extent that they went with my daughter”. “I want justice, yes, yes, give me it to me”. “I have rights and it should be enforced”. “Whoever values life should help me out on this matter”; among others. Narrating …

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Story from Modupe

“It was during my days as a postgraduate diploma student in the Department of Mass Communication in UNILAG. During one of my papers, my lecturer – I can’t mention his name, because he would probably know if he reads this story – announced in the exam hall that ‘if you are not writing well or you know you do not know the questions, don’t cheat, just see me after the paper.’ “I was not sure of myself, so I decided to see him, just to confirm if he would use …

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Story from Miss Yetunde

Harassment story as a part-time undergraduate of UNILAG. She lacked the courage to report. But another lecturer helped her out. Her account: "I was sexually harassed when I was pursuing a Bachelors programme in Education as a part-time student of University of Lagos. A lecturer was hitting on me, but I refused to answer him. He continued to disturb me to no avail. He failed me in my core course. I, then, went to his office to ask how I failed because I was very sure of what…

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What we do!

Share Victims Experience Anonymously

We share different stories from past & present Victims in an Anonymous manner to keep Victims information Confidential.

Teen Girl Child movement in Local Communities

Organisation of Club or Programs to substain Girl Child Education in Girls among schools.

Recommend Books

Book Recommendation is what we consider a starting help to help Victims get over whatever sort of abuse before getting justice for them.

Contact Victims

This is the most important role we take part in our Girl child movement after getting any form of girl Child Abuse to ensure proper Justice for them.

Report Of Abuse!

Note: Your given information are confidential & kept Anonymous by us.

Are you being Abused as A Girl?
Get Helped by letting us know …

How old are you?:

What form of Abuse were you involved?:

Give us a Brief information of how your selected option above as affected you


Olushola Coker

Legal Practitioner & Mediator

Adenike Idowu Jayesimi


Gloria Mabeiam Ballason

Legal Practitioner & Mediator

Why partnership in our movement? | a little about them

Olushola Coker - St. Emmanuel is a lawyer who has been practicing law since 2007 and currently pursing a masters degree in law (LL.M). She is a fellow of the institute of Chattered mediators and conciliators. She is passionate about guilding and mentoring the young girls towards prevention of all forms of sexual harassment and abuse, helping the girl-child get justice, enlighten the society on how to prevent the girl-child from being exposed to all forms of harassments, sexual abuse and violence.

Mrs Adenike Idowu Jayesimi is a Pastor, Teacher and trained Counselor. She had her Masters and Bachelor Degrees in Counseling at the University of Nigeria Nzuka respectively. She taught in some Secondary schools in Lagos State and Ogun State as a class teacher and School Counselor and Presently at Abeokuta Grammar School, Nigeria. She is married with Children.

Gloria Mabeiam Ballason is a lawyer and the CEO of House of Justice, Nigeria, a human-rights radio call-in program, of which she is the host. She is also the Law columnist in a national newspaper. She serves at a regional level as a conflict mediator for the herder-farmer conflict that has claimed so many lives. Gloria's passion for justice for victims of medical negligence and atrocities has led to the establishment of the Molluma Yakubu Loma Center for Medical Law, where she is executive director. Gloria has a degree in Law, a master's in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, a second master's in International Affairs and Strategic Studies, and is pursing a third master's in Law (LLM). Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she will draw from this experience to better enhance the concept of social justice for the underprivileged and for victims of medical negligence and atrocities.

JustNig! Mentors

Mr Ayodele Odeogbola

Mr Ayodele Odeogbola is a global educator with expertise on youth development and technology in education with 13years experience in Public Education sector. He is a Fellow, Mentor and Reader under US government exchange Program- Mandela Washyton Fellowship for young Africa leaders and a Global Teacher Prize finalist of Varkey Foundation in United Kingdom and Forbes list of Top 7 African Educators in 2018.

He is an advocate and activist of a gender free-society with Genderless Nigeria Project on Social media where he champions advocacy for women inclusion in every eco-system of Nigeria.

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" Often times, so many innovative project ideas from students on several learning activities usually end in classroom. My role is to inject life into these ideas beyond the learning domain and support these change makers and innovators to cascade them to sustainable solution to real world problems and that is the reflection of JustNig! Project"

- Odeogbola Ayodele

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